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Build me a web platform for professional profiles and digital merit

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We need a platform for every professional to showcase their digital professional identity. Think of it as a platform for people to showcase their skills, work they`ve done, their passion and what they do currently and alongside get ratings from their peers and companies for the same.These ratings are like digital merits which are displayed along their profiles. We need a simple professional-networking feature where people can interact and connect with each other. So, overall we`ll have people who`ll be using this as their identity. Even companies and brands can have identity profiles.
Additionally, we need to have functionality for a brand to form their own communities on this portal. (all these people have their own profiles and are trustworthy) and they can use this community for getting feedback, making them promoters, giving them benefits.etc Most companies will use this portal to verify talent and most professionals will use this to expand their network. 
As this is a startup-based work, we`ll need flexibility along the way to change, add and iterate.