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Build and Deploy Mobile App where customers can see nearby sellers, what they are selling and prices

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We already have a seller-side mobile app where sellers add items for sale and prices. Backend is in PHP and MySQL.
Now we need a customer-side mobile app where customers can see nearby sellers, their location, what they are selling, prices, order, contact, reviews. You will have to integrate this app with the seller-side app backend to take the seller information.
Customer logs in with mobile authentication, enters name, email, address
Customer GPS location is taken, customer has option to set the location pin on map
Can see nearby sellers (list view and map view) filtered by seller category
Can search for items to purchase or category of seller
Can click on the seller to see what items he is selling and at what prices and other seller details like location, contact info, open/closed
Can “order” items. But on backend Admin will just get an email/notification about the details. No payment/no order integration.
Can review sellers

Optional but preferable: ReactNative (even native android will be acceptable)
Wire frames will be provided