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British accent speakers

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Title: Speak and Earn (Earn $50 in 2 Hrs)
We are collecting two types of data. One is sentence recording which you can do all by yourself by reading around 300 sentences in our app, which would take 1-1.5 hrs if you do it in stretch.. you can go ahead and do it in breaks and we can pay up to $50 USD for this task. The other one is conversation where you and your partner will be talking to each other on a soft phone application of ours for about an hour on a general topic .. also can be done in giving breaks for convenience and we can pay each of you $50 USD for this task. Please let us know your feasibility for the above requirement so that we can go ahead with work accordingly.Please let us know.. :)Looking forward to hear from you.
We need your native accent. Accents we are looking for are as follows:Scottish, Welsh, North English & West English UK accents.
Sentence samples:
1. "Trump, on the other hand, wants to proceed with the construction of the Wall."2. "Another study of 94,000 smokers conducted in 2012 showed a variant on another gene."3. "But, in fact, behind the facades of government there is a multitude of interests."
Age range – 16 to 65 Years of age