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BME9513- Website on online food ordering system

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Deadline- 17th march 


The web application must be developed based on ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2019 and the Azure
cloud technology. Design & develop a web application hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud as an App Service (Website.

Website- Food Industry 
  • Focus on the highlight part 
  • No need do the documentation need coding only
  • Can you use my Microsoft azure account to do this assignment
  • Create login with email id then you no need to create the register page, only the register page to create the restaurant
  • Theme color: Teal #008080
  • Once completed coding in visual studio deploy on the website
  • Make sure it has implement azure table storage and azure service bus
  • The developer no need to display the restaurant at the homepage. The developer juzz need to make a form and allow the seller to fill in all the fields (menu details and restaurant details), display the created menu at the seller page
  • No need homepage to show all restaurants
  • Add to cart, adjust quantity and add to cart function no need in the seller part. juzz a simple form to let the seller fill in the information
  • My friend is doing consumer part so that he need the restaurant details and menu details in the azure so that he can continue do other consumer functions
  • When the developer start to do create the azure storage pls follow the information in this screenshot to fill in, change the account name to Seller, change Resource Group name to FastMode, the rest of the fields pls same with the information  of this screenshot.
  • since my subscription type is student so I only have 100 USD free in my azure student account ,pls don't overuse
  • FastMode is my project name