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Bloodhound Sharkindicators Pivot Strategy / Indicator

  • Posted at : 7 months ago
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I'm looking for someone with extensive experience in Ninjatrader 8 and someone who's worked with Sharkindicators' Bloodhound system. 

I'm looking for an indicator and BH logic which identifies a higher low or lower high on a unirenko bar. 

I have tried swing trend indicator and Sharkindicators version but I cannot seem to get it to work. I get strange signals. I understand that there is a lag in time as the system needs to identify a new trend, I do however want the signal to be set on the confirmation bar on the first reversal bar. I've attached a screen shot. Or as close as possible to this location. 

I hold my hands up and it may be something really straight forward, I'm not a developer and have zero experience. 

There may be a simple off the shelf system or it may just be a few changes to my current bloodhound system, I simply don't know. 

I have a pretty conservative budget as I think that I'm simply doing something wrong in my bloodhound system and believe this to be a simple fix. If however, I do need a custom built system then I can increase the budget.