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Block-based text processing in WINDEV/WebDEV

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Block-based text processing in WINDEV

A simple report software is to be created.

Each section is saved separately to re-insert from the archive for new reports, as a text module.

There are the following section variants
a) text
b) Calculation
c) picture

The final formatting of the entire report, for example, to avoid page breaks for whore children and cobbler boys should be done in Word alternatively in the WINDEV Word.

Background: In Word and alternatives, every text module has to be saved "manually" and there is no clear archive for reuse. Since it is already finished, especially often recurrent content.

A search for terms in the section archive makes sense.
Acquisition of the entire archive section or just the selection.
Each section archive has its own ID, so it can also be used as a text variable such as% sectionID%

Some sample screenshots included 
PDF - formular Filemaker  i use at the moment to get all forms. left side is working and right is History/search
PDF - report sample also included to show how is the finale.