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Blender animation template development for launch of commercial application

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8 /Hr

Estimated Hours - 99
Skills Required

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Work remotely on one of our projects on an hourly basis using teamviewer V14 (not the latest version at the time of writing that is V15) to log into one of our development systems where development is done.

No local (off site) development possible/allowed.

Requirements and specifics:

* High speed and stable internet for trouble free connection with our office.

* Working microphone and webcam.

* Work is done on one of our development systems via teamviewer remote control. Source code never leaves our office.

* Ability to write and speak correct English that is intelligible for Europeans.

* Meetings are done via teamviewer V14 only.

* Work hours: between 09:00 and 17:00 CET. Mon -Fri (you can decide how much (0 - 8 hrs) per day)

* Minimum work hours / week: 24. There is no maximum so you can work as much as you want.

* Hourly rate <= $8/h

* You need to have demonstrable experience with:

- Blender

- Animation

- Design
- Audio use in video