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Bangla Translation of Ali & Nur

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Ali and Nur

A children's book

Neerob Kallayanni


Many years ago a boy named Abul Mubarak Nawab Ali was born in the village of Lankakhola, near Shahganj a short distance from Gouripur in the largest district in the British India, Mymensingh. 

His father's name was Samir Sarker and mother's name was Bibi Kulsum Begum. Ali was a very naughty boy and hence, many called him "Pashur Baap". 

He had a very pious elder brother Moulivi Yusuf and an innovative younger brother Kareem. They also had an elder sister who had many children.

Samir Sarkar was an educated man and he became a tax collector. Bibi Kulsum Begum was an intelligent and farsighted woman. They educated the two boys to be teachers and Ali became a government employee.
This uplifted the family to better social and economic standards among the peers.

As they say marriages are made in heaven. As Ali grew up and got a bright future ahead of him, his would be future wife, Begum Nurunnessa Khatun  was growing in a nearby village called Pumbail. 

Nur was about twelve years younger than Ali. She was the most doting and loving daughter of her father Abdul Majid. 
She also had an elder brother Shamsuddin and a younger brother Badaruddin. 

She was the sparkle and bright star of the family as she took up the reign when her mother Bibi Danabi Begum died soon after Nur’s ninth birthday. 
At age fourteen she was married to Ali.

She started her first part of married life in the village of Lankakhola with her in-laws in a joint family. Her mother-in-law was a kind, generous and compassionate woman. With her help, she started the second phase of her family in the city of Mymensingh. 

She helped Ali to buy a house and steered the family to higher education. All their children had college education as well as higher graduate degrees. Most of them live in the United States. 

Together Ali and Nur made a progressive and successful family of educated children and grandchildren. They also successfully purchased and ran an agricultural farm in Ramgopalpur, nearer to Mymensingh and a shopping center in Gouripur. 

Both were good practicing pious people. 
Ali and Nur performed Hajj  soon after his retirement. Both went to visit their children and grandchildren in the United States.

Both Ali and Nur have passed away living their children and grandchildren to support their cherished educational projects. 

Two prominent projects are the Lankakhola High School and the Ramgopalpur Madrasa. 

They leave a legacy of purposeful life and dedicated and devotional public service for helping and improving the lives of fellow citizens. 

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