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Auditing machines through screen captures

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We have a certain requirement for one of our newly acquired projects where the workstation activities of the developers assigned to the project need to be audited. While we already have several audits (using our UTM features) in place as far as activities within the network are concerned, the audits I'm referring to would be related to activities on external networks that our developers would be connected to through VPN (they connect to the external servers outside of our network through Remote Desktop Connection). As you understand, there is no way to implement successful audits on those servers for the lack of direct control. So, screen recording remains our only way to audit the activities of our developers. However, when we considered the amount of disk space that such screen recordings might consume, we decided to go for screen captures (screenshots) instead. So, with that in mind, we decided to have an application developed using C++ with the following objectives:
1> The application would be installed on the machines of every developer assigned to the project.
2> The application should be activated the moment the machine boots up and activates the user desktop and would keep working in the background until the system shuts down.
3> The application should go to standby mode when the machine is locked (or hibernating) and should get re-activated when the user unlocks the computer.
4> When active, the application should take screen captures every three seconds and drop them to a network location (on a server within the network). The folder structure in that location could be decided upon later (for example a folder would be dedicated to each user and within each folder the screenshots would be arranged in hourly sub-folders and so on).
5> The application should stop taking screenshots when there is no keyboard or mouse activity for at least 12 seconds and resume once again at the next mouse movement/click or keyboard stroke.
6> There should be checks (every 5 min or so) to ensure that the application is working as desired. In case the application stops working, the computer should be locked automatically and the user's AD account locked.
7> All error logs pertaining to the application need to be stored on the server. Also, admins need to be notified of such errors though email.
8> The application should not get activated when someone with an admin role logs in to the computer (this should not confused with windows authentications by admins for the purpose of installing softwares or something similar when the user is already logged in).

Optional requirement (as this can also be achieved using our UTM)
1> The application should disable all USB drives (by making changes in the registry settings) when the user logs in to the computer.
2> The application should enable all USB drives (by making changes in the registry settings) when an admin logs in to the computer.

System Configuration
Server is running Windows Server 2019 Standard
Clients machines are running Windows 10 Professional
All client machines have 8GB of RAM.

Please note the following:
1> Our company needs to be provided with the source code as well at the time of deployment of the application.
2> The application needs to be deployed in two phases viz. the beta testing phase and the final deployment phase.
3> There needs to be an SLA in place with specific mention of the uptime and support options for the application.