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Assess/Interview candidate on verbal & written skills in Thai language Native resources only

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Estimated Hours - 3
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Project scope: the scope/requirement of this project is that you will interview/assess our candidates/agents in Thai language and confirm their expertise in the language. This should be in both the format, written and verbal.
Expected output: the selected candidates from your end, should be able to clear the client interview.

Steps to follow:
1-    We will connect you to our client and they will assess your knowledge and proficiency in the language, to be the assessor. If they approve/select, you would be considered hired for the project
2-    After this, you will talk to our candidates and assess them in the language skills (verbal & written) and help in shortlisting the right candidate for the client
a.    We expect you to interview min 3 candidates per hour (20 mins max per candidate)
b.    You need to describe in detail about your process of shortlisting and what measures have you taken to reach to the conclusion