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Arduino based industrial process observation multicamera imaging system

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1. every camera separately captures images per
second and stores video as a separate file into the memory.

2. Second camera can be either triggered from first
camera or delayed in micro seconds. The calculation is as follows

As shown in the figure, let’s say camera has fps 5
that makes 1/5 second time for each image capture. Same is value of the time
duration between two images of one camera. The delay or triggering of second
camera should be such that the image captured by 2nd camera fills
the gap between two images of first camera.


  The detail project with schematics is as given in the attachment.

3. The images in sequence can be run as a video. Two separate files
should be made and stored for two videos of two cameras.

4. Looking for company to design the custom circuit, PCB or use
ready-made ckt modules such as NC 193 multi-camera modules for programming.

5. Company need to program it and write it into the chip.