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We are looking for a freelancer that is able to drive traffic and convert visitors to an online store. The store is realized in WordPress / Woocommerce. Even though we already have the website and store ready, we don’t have a name or domain name for it yet.
Therefore, you can actually fully optimize the identity of the store based on your SEO strategy, selected keywords sand marketing skills. You are free to create more content and further customize the store for SEO and design purposes as you go.

The project will be structured into monthly milestones and goals; with this project, you should aim to increase website traffic, the awareness of our brands and the profitability of the store products.

If you are interested in taking part in this project, and maximize your e-commerce skills, here is what you will be doing:

1.    Create a roadmap and strategy using reachable goals and milestones, that will be the project blueprint during its development.
2.    Find the most potential keywords in our niche for SEO success
3.    Come up with a store name and domain name according to your best keywords and marketing strategy.
4.    Develop the content and SEO optimization plan for the store.
5.  Update and improve the store as needed to increase profitability
6.    Create and manage different channels to drive as much traffic as possible to the online store in order to generate revenue.
7.    Create sales funnels.

Requirements for the position:
-    Experience in WordPress, Woo-commerce and other e-commerce platforms
-    SEO expertise for On-site and Off-site optimization.
-    Content creation experience
-    Social media management experience
-    Project management experience.
-    Fluent in English
-    Knowledge of Spanish, German, and French languages as bonus skills.

-    Ux and UI as bonus skills

the budget for this project will be estimated by the freelancer in the roadmap and strategy that will be agreed with us, according to the budget is required for the development and management of the strategy. Remuneration details will be agreed with the freelancer once the candidate has been selected to continue with the hiring process.

Candidates interested in taking part in this project, are encouraged to apply by sending their resume and cover letter with their application with the answer to the following questions:

1. Can you please send us 1 - 3 links to WordPress websites, Wordpress websites, that you are managing and you consider would describe the best your skills? Can you please explain the reason for your selection? And how long have you been working on them?
2. Would you agree to work milestone-based?
3. How would you drive traffic to a fresh new online store?
4. As an SEO expert, can you please tell us which of the following tasks can you do by yourself and for which of the following tasks you would need support to develop?
Content creation, on-page, and off-page SEO, social media management, sales funnel, development, review and optimization, marketing campaign setup, project management, and reporting.
5. Are you interested in a long term business relationship? or by a project?