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Application with Zoho Applications

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I want to custom zoho crm and zoho projects for a manufacturing company. The company produces metal parts. This metal part could be easy to made, in a few steps or it could take really long. It could be made of one piece or from many pieces.
When the customer places an order to the company, a new product  is created,  and  Automatically a new project should start.
The Project (the manufacturiing of the metal part)  is developed as the manufacturing process goes through.
We have to add to the project diferent workers, track the time for each job done, raw materials added to the production proces, machines where the metal part was made.
The goal is to know the total cost of the metal part or project.
The application should be able to deliver parts of the metal part with a "delivery note" althougth the project is not completely finished.
Reports should be, like a report for the work done for every worker in a period of time. The hours that a machine is working, the total expenses in tools, etc.
I have thougth about zoho projects as the best app for this purpose, but I am open to any recommendation for a better way to achieve this goal.
We are looking for a Zoho developer with great experience. 
Sen your best offer to deliver the full customization for zoho crm and zoho projects.

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