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App that can contain files such as videos, PDFs, audios, images etc

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We need an android app where we can show the users
videos ,MP3 ,images, text files with great user experience.

1. In main page we can have multiple subjects , when we click on each subject it should take us to the respective subject..

2. Inside respective subject we should have greatly designed title and description

3.inside subjects page we can have it's respective files such as audios, images,PDFs, docs of all types

4 .Only Admin should have the both write and read mode that he can only upload or remove contents or files inside to any subjects

5. Also Admin should be able to change subject names

6. Also on main page there's should be something like feed(Facebook feed) for only admin , so that Admin can give certain info to its users

6. Users can see aap only in read mode

7. Users can provide feedback on aap

8. Should be able upload to play store without any blockings

6.last ui should look user friendly with great user experience.