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Ant Design, React Python eCommerce platform with Clean UX template that I have

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I have several suppliers from several different industries wanting to sell their products on my website.
The coder will need to be full stack so that the PART Numbers / Products and details of the products and images are managed with webservices. 

This will include google predict style searching - then shopping cart and payment platform.

The template that I have already has a lot of the front end product cards and wonderful clean components.
however the back end stuff needs mapping to my table structures. And will require your React / PY coding to manage payment gateway and transaction management. 
As I do need coders to fully understand this spec the key word to reply is cloudsale and if you dont use this word, I wont reply as reading / understanding is critical.

To qualify I would only deal with coders who have done this before and can pump this out quickly. It is very easy to outsource this to Fiverr for about $200 with pre coded templates. So Im hoping that will be attractive to someone who already has done this. Please therefore SHOW me your ecommerce code links.