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Android/Apple App to rent everything

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Hello dear programmers,

I need your help with the implementation of a possibly larger project.
Since I don't know anything about programming apps, I need someone who can think and delve into the project.
You have the opportunity to do something good.

I would like to bring people in Germany (and the world) closer together again and reduce the burden on the environment.
My idea behind the app:
Each of us has countless items at home, from the car to household items to clothes.  You don't need everything at all times. Why not make money out of items that are not (frequently) used? 

You need to repair something and don't have the right tools? Do you want to buy the tool now and pay a lot of money for it?

You want to go to a cosy dinner in a restaurant and don't have anything suitable to wear? Do you want to go to the nearest boutique and buy a dress or suit that you will never wear again?

Your child is growing up and no longer plays with the old toys or doesn't fit into his baby clothes?  

I can think of all these examples where we buy new things that we may no longer need immediately afterwards. 
I would like to end this consumption and give everyone the opportunity to earn money with small and big "treasures".
You offer your normal and not so normal things in my app (from baby toys to coffee machines or barbecues to your car or your own apartment/holiday home), all for a small rent. 
Of course, the things can also be sold or given away, but the main source of income for the user should be the renting of their items. 
For this, of course, I need a flexible booking system to be able to determine when my object is available for rent. (e.g. every weekend, or always Wednesday afternoon, or completely flexible).
The renter can then request the item directly from the owner for the desired date. The owner has to confirm the booking. The item is then not available for this time, but the entry remains and can already be requested by the next renter for another time. 

Everyone has something at home that others also need and not everyone needs everything.

What happens if the item you are looking for is not available? 
Then you can buy it on Amazon or Ebay.
The Amazon or Ebay ad could appear at the end of the results list, or between the items. These "ads" have to be generated dynamically and are meant to bring money into my coffers via affiliate programmes.

The features in brief: 
(Legend: * = must have, + = nice to have).
* App for Android 
+ App for Apple
* Search function with location 
* Booking system for the items to be rented out
* Payment system with connection to paypal, etc....
* Photo function
* User accounts
* Result list with various filter options and restrictions (distance, price, desired date)
+ rating system 
* Advertising from Amazon and/or Ebay as affiliate link according to the search term
+ other advertising to refinance the app
+ Membership for 
+ later also shipping possible with connection to a logistics contract partner 
+ messaging system to interact with other users

Please tell me your estimated total price for this app and a time perspective for completion.
Payment will be made per hour, as I assume that more ideas will come up during the development.

Would it make sense to first develop a website with these features and the app only as a mobile version?
If you can only take over parts of the project, that would not be a problem. I am also happy to work with a team.

Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and maybe concerns.