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Android Mobile Application

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Current Situation - Website: MIK – is a website run by volunteers that contains media
and other static/dynamic pages. The majority of the
content is in the form of audio clips and the website essentially serves as a
repository of these audio clips.

Static pages include pages such as ‘about us’, pictures and
other text-based information.

The ‘Contact Us’ page is a form which forwards the message
to a dedicated email address.

 There is an ‘Upload’
function on one of the pages that allows users to upload media (mainly audio but also video
and images).  

The uploaded media is stored on the server, and details of
the uploaded files are stored in MS SQL database that is accessible only to
Admin users. Once the media is reviewed by Admin, it is then added/posted on to
the website within its appropriate section.

It is our vision to have an
Android based mobile application where all audio that is on contains all the functionality and content
that is currently available on the website.

Further details can be
discussed/provided once the below requested information/estimate has been received.

required for the following:


1. Effort required to build/implement mobile
application – Hours/Minutes

2. Timescale for completion – Number of days/weeks

3. Cost of building/implementing the mobile
application -

4. Additional services that will need to be in
place for the app. For example, hosting, licences etc.

5. Cost of any additional services

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