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Android creating SIP-GSM gateway

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need an application that runs on Android phones (4.0 or above) and can
send/receive calls through SIP (Can use any sip stack like sipdroid) and
forward it to the GSM network. The application should then forward the
audio and convert from SIP to GSM and vice versa.

description below. Please review and message me with considerations. If
any requirements are unable to be met, please let me know before we make
a deal.

The goal of this project is to develop an
Android application that can send calls through SIP and forward them to
the GSM network AND receive calls from GSM and forward to SIP.
The application should then forward the audio and convert from VoIP to GSM and vice vers

The application working in APK format
Full source code
Simple manual for compiling and generating the application from source
SIP client running on another phone that connects to the server via
WIFI and able to demonstrate the functionality in this project.

- Route call from SIP to GSM
- Route call from GSM to SIP (preconfigured SIP client)
- Convert audio from/to SIP and GSM networks
- Able to run on Android 4.0 and up.

Application Configurations
- Enable or disable the app
- Enable to receive calls only on wifi or all networks
- Enable to route calls from GSM to SIP (SIP address is configured through an API)
- The number to send the call should be configured through an API that is supplied with the APP
- Enable to route calls from SIP to GSM
- Must run on background
- Must be very lightweight to run on small memory devices
- Configure SIP Accounts.

Sip Requirements
- Register on Sip Proxy/Gateway
- Receive call authenticated by IP, user/pass or no authentication.
- Make calls with or without authentication
- Forward DTMF digits using RFC2833 or inband
- Use codec G711 and GSM
- Be able to use codec G729
- Receive through GSM one 1 simultaneous call and rout it to a predefined SIP client
- Be able to store a CSV with all calls made
Skills required:
Android, VoIP
standard SIP client running on a seperate android phone will have to
connect to the SIP server that was developed on the other android phone
via wifi and an incoming and outgoing call would have to to be

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