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Android App - background voice recording & streaming to the server

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The app is supposed to track all voice activities of the client and help him/her to gather and store recordings in the cloud.

  1. UX/UI, backend, API are out of scope of this project, it is stand alone app with as basic UI as possible
  2. App should work on Android 6+ (including 8.1 and 10)
  3. No need to comply with Google Play requirements - the app will be installed from .apk and distributed only inside our company across employees, any necessary permissions can be requested without limits
  4. App should start automatically when the smartphone is turned on
  5. App should capture the voice (any sound) via built-in mic or plugged in headphones (ideally from both sources at the same time); 1 channel per source, 44.1 kHz, wav or ogg (configurable)
  6. App should work in background mode (smartphone screen might be turned off but the app should keep working) 
  7. App should stream recordings in real time to the server, audio stream should be accompanied with device uid; chunk size, server IP, port and credentials should be configurable
  8. App should store locally all the recordings in case of connection issues, external card is preferred as a local storage location, maximum size of local storage should be configurable (default value = min( 5Gb, SD * 35%)); when the limit is reached the oldest recordings should be deleted (FIFO); when connection is reestablished all the recordings should be pushed to the server and deleted from local storage
  9. App size (apk file) should not exceed 47Mb
  10. Screens:
    1. Main screen (status): uptime, chunks sent, size of recorded and sent data, connection issues if any, connection downtime, size of locally saved data
    2. Settings: server IP & credentials, local storage location and max size, audio settings, apk version (read only), device uid - unique identifier (read only)


  • Compiled .apk file
  • App sources which also includes:
    • Clean and clear comments in the code
    • requirements.txt with all dependencies (ubuntu packages, java/python libraries)
  • Script to compile/make .apk file

 1 week or less