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An IoT developer & solution architecture for end-to-end support - Commercial & Industrial automation

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We are a technology transformation company, looking for individuals to provide technical support to our "IoT solution" projects. As an IoT solution end-to- end specialist, you will providing adequate guidance and mentoring along with navigate our technology & innovation team for hardware design to end users applications performance by choosing most compatible middleware for any IoT technology implementation for our clients located locally and globally. You will be monitoring and providing source of information for technical  aspects, till the development processes are followed through deployment, real time operations feedback analysis for best solution reliability and performance, along with code and secured programming practices.

Job Responsibilities:

* End-to-end architecture, featuring on-device solution, device development & management, cloud integration / device  gateway, platforms. 

* Architect with the hardware design, implementation and operation of a IoT architecture with integration technology.

• Develop technical requirements for execution and deployment.

* Identify high-level business requirements through operational framework by Edge Device, Backend, Mobile Apps.

* Software Development, agile methodology, technical decisions and alternation via modification.

* Experience with platform / cloud services / Mobile Application Development iOS or Android. 

* Developing micro service-based applications

Key Skills

NoSQL, IoT, Django, Python, Design Pattern, Data Structures, Algorithms, PYSpark, Oauth Integration, Full Stack, Azure IoT, C#, C#.Net, Asp.Net, Rest API, Cosmos, SQL, CouchDB, Database Design, iOT, MongoDB and AWS Cloud,AWS IoT Platform, GCP Cloud IoT Core, Azure IoT, Stream Analysis.