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Aircraft Performance & Planning Part 1

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2520NSC Aircraft Performance & Planning Part 1

You are the Navigation and Performance Officer for a
Brisbane based charter Company called Can-Do Aviation.
The Chief Pilot has asked you to prepare a bid for a tender
put out by a newly formed Mining Company – Dig-Deep
Mining. Dig-Deep proposes to open 4 new mines in Western
Queensland and needs a charter company to provide a ‘fly
in / fly out’ service during the initial development stage of the
Can-Do Aviation plans to bid for the work using their 2 Echo
twin piston aircraft.
The Chief Pilot briefs you on the details:

 Aerodrome details for each mine site and
the operating days are at Annex 1
 Relevant meteorological data is at Annex 2
 Planning/performance details for the Echo
aircraft are at Annexes 3 & 4
 Standard Can-Do Operations Manual forms
are at Annex 5
The Chief Pilot goes on to say:

 Remember, the CEO insists that we operate
strictly in compliance with the CASA rules,
however, at the moment you DO NOT need
to consider CAO 48.1 flight & duty
 We only have 2 x Echo aircraft available for
this task. We will operate throughout under
the IFR
 The tender says that as a MINIMUM - we
need to try and carry at least 8 x Mine
contractors TO and FROM each mine on the
days specified ALL THE YEAR AROUND.
However, we need to aim to carry as many
Mine contractors as possible TO and FROM
each site. Don’t forget, it is no use taking say