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A Team of people to assist with my Entrepeneurial Projects

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I need a person who can tidy up the front end navigation in my wordpress website.

This development itself 'May' become a value proposition that I offer under by webdevelopment project management service offering.  Hence I want to retain the IP on this, or share it with the developer.

I have, or soon hope to have.. more than one Wordpress (or similar) website.  Each of these sites will sell my consultancy time.  What I want, is a centralised database to which I publsh my available time. (Phase2 will be other the time of other consultants and resources, eg conference room.. worry about this later.)..

For now, 

Imagine I have a number of wordpress sites.  Each of them have some eCommerce functionality.. This means appointments can be booked, based on my available time that I publish... AND at the time of booking a payment is made to confirm the booking.. That works simply for just one website.. but I may have quite a few websites... SO the challenge is to have one single appointment diary database that is referecened by all of the websites when a customer makes the booking.. One database.. many websites... Do u know what I mean?

If you can reply to this with a specific solution in mind, or can develop something yourself in mySQL aas the backend and the wordpres or even Drupal as the front-end.. We should talk soon.