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A promotional video for my new web site that is branding me as the NEXT HUGE spiritual teacher -

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I want a very encouraging video and all about mindset and changing how people see and experience life. I teach intuition development and focus on releasing guilt and pain from the past so that people can know they are in their spirit and connected to their SOUL - I can use pictures of me in the video. Suppose we can make it look like I am on a stage with a stadium filled center with me speaking. People are cheering. I need to look VERY FAMOUS and very cool. The demographics would be people in their 30s to 60s moms or people who have had kids that are gifted intuitively but instead of knowing their gifts, they think they have anxiety or autoimmune or tinnitus or Lymes disease. I want to help people see their spiritual gifts can be a curse or a blessing and need to be tended to and developed safely with the LOVE of a God that is unconditional and with Forgiveness and Compassion in their heart, or they will end up yucky psychics covered in entities and depression and sadness... I hope that made sense. Look at my site to see who I am, and my Facebook page is Marisa moris, and my company is Intuition in Encinitas and my other. I am a hay house #1 radio show host and author at a world winning #1 publisher that any new age spiritual or mind body spirit person would love to be published.  I just have never marketed, so I need to do that now. My book is called Attunement, and I will do an 8-week book club to take each person through my book chapter by chapter, and I will read the book out, load or play my audio and stop it when it's time for exercises and internet experiential things .. I want the video to show that by connecting to their higher self SOuce and Creator, they will have a MARVELOUS GIFTED HEALTHY PROSPEROUS life! Just from doing this class with me