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A program to look up images quickly

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'a program that automatically looks for images on specific websites and transfers these in our webshop'

so we have a webshop for which we currently have a contest running to make the lay-out of this better and improve sales.  One of the things wasting lots of time is the search for images, since every item we put in the system gets a unique ID nr, and the image is linked to this nr.  so every item that comes in, needs to get an images asap... so I was wondering if it isn't possible to write a program that automatically looks for the image of the item when I activate this on two or three websites and puts it in there...  the only thing that is important there is that the size is good ( that the image is not blurry ) and that it's the correct image, and that I can activate this program that it only also looks for the items without images and not overwrites the ones that are already in order...

the webshop is prestashop, we have a program where we do almost all the input, output for the stock/webshop and this is emagicone store prestashop manager

hopefully someone can solve this for us, that would be great.



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