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A person who has initiative to assist me to organise my project ideas into a more formal format.

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I am an entrepeneur.  However, currently, the little personal administrative tasks, EG.. Searching for a Family Holiday, Booking Flights.  Getting 3 quotes for repairs to the car.. the minutia.. the little things that distract me from my core focus are driving me to distraction.
I would like a person who can do web research, and summarise that research i and thnto a communicable format and upload this onto the portal where hopefully these ideas will come to fruition.
Monitoring my email and composing responses for my approval prior to sending them would be an awesome time saver for me.  Some of this correspondence is highly legal and personal in nature, so please only reply if you are mature and respectful and can work with the discretion required.
One of the projects I am hoping to launch involves telephone reception duties to take customer details and enter them into the customer relationship management tool, so that new business opportunities can be scheduled and followed up when time permits.  This also implies that appointments requested for my consultation time will be booked and the payment processed by the virtual assistant.
There are a number of projects that are in the pipeline, most of which shall require a wordpress website.  Any expertise in this regard would be welcomed.  Especially, the analysis and selection of an appropriate appointment booking workflow (in woo commerce or cVita or some equivalent) .. Ideally the candidate will possess this skillset.
If not, this is OK, IF the personal assistant is capable of finding a suitable person with this skillset, and who can manage the process of defining the required scope of work, obtaining 3 quotes for it. and managing the development work to ensure that what is delivered meets with the time, cost, quality of the features delivered.

This role initially, will be paying the bare minimum.  However, once I am satisfied that the arrangement works, as determined by the BENEFIT ACTUALLY delivered.  Then there is potential for ongoing work as I am attempting to build a team of remote workers who can work on Projects.  I am highly qualified and can assist someone who is interested in obtaining a higher online qualification for the more lucrative and higher end projects that can be launcehed once I have the head ache of the personal admin out of the way.

I will not do hourly rate to begin with.  I set down the work in a check list.  If the job begins to take too long or get too complex, then we can re-negotiate the fixed price upwards no problem.  The main thing is that things get done, and that in employing a personal assistant, I am not having to double the workload by managing a person who just wants to run up the number of hours and not deliver.  SO I will start with something small, see how it goes, and then the next discrete piece of work, we can add a little bit more to the invoice.. When we have something that works for both.. then we can ensure that the work becomes ongoing and delivers mutual benefit to make it worthwhile for both.

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