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A P2P-based real-time online editor for code reviews and pair programming

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is a browser-based code review tool that allows to request support from a remote team member, especially to facilitate a source code exchange. In order to avoid a complex backend server system, the communication between the browsers should take place by means of a peer-to-peer-based WebRTC connection.

In particular, the application should cover the following scenario: An initiator would like to initiate a technical exchange for a source code by inviting a team member to an online session by means of a random URL. This URL allows another developer to make changes to the shared source code and make it available. Such changes are appropriately marked. The initiator should be able to accept these changes.

The solution is designed to support a combination of pair programming and code review, including providing the following functionality.

# Priority 1 (MUST):

Collaborative editing (as described above)
Provide random URLs for copy-paste session invitations
Text chat
Import and export of text files
Exchange of data via a real-time P2P connection
Establishment of the connection if necessary via a Connection Server (STUN, Signaling Server)
The connection server is to be provided in the form of a docker container

# Priority 2 (CAN):

Audio chat
Video chat
Email integration
Slack Integration (

## PARTICIPATING: ## (should be sent to me to see if everything is fine)
Analysis of existing solutions
Analysis of WebRTC technologies and available APIs
Architectural design of the application
Prototypical implementation of the editor (according to priorities)
Prototypical implementation of the Connection Server
The functionality of the Editor and Connection Server should be proven by means of software tests.
Usability should be systematically evaluated. In this case, a development team is to be included appropriately.

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