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A creative, comprehensive yet simple business proposal

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We are a startup company. We have proven innovative product at hand that can safe huge monthly electricity bill for all sort of buildings around 10-20% of their monthly bill (but more effective at buildings with lots of glasses and windows)

Our product is known as IOE (Internet of Energy). We have prospects ready to try our product but we lack of time to produce business proposal.

We prefer those that can write in English, able to give out creative result, simple yet comprehensive.

We prefer to meet up if anyone are interested in this job.

However, since we are a startup company, we do not have huge budgets... Because most budgets go to other necessary expenses.

Thus, we cannot afford high fees for now. But, we can add in some shares to the writer upon a success deal. (With agreements ready)

Our product have been tried in Malaysian Tesco buildings with proven result.

Thus, please contact me if you are able to meet with our requirements.

Thank you