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A cocos2d Game Developer

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Points Mentioned Below.

1) the login method. The wechat login method , the profile pic shown on the table when the players sit is different from the one on his wechat profile. The system will auto generate a random picture and name for him. We wan his wechat profile pic shown instead.

2) on the table, there’s a rebet button but it doesn’t work. Need to make it work .

3) the language wide. If English all have to be in English. There’s a mixture of English and Chinese in the game currently now. We need both languages at the moment separately and they can select accordingly.

Temporarily it’s like that first. Then we. Wed to test again to troubleshoot for any further problems. There has to be absolutely no such flaws when we launch it.  this is the url, that we set but this is not enough we make it functional. like login with we chat and email. and above 3 points.

apart from that we have to make a shopping section here and integrate pay-pal payment gateway.

Please reply ASAP. Whatever your required please reply on same email. or whatsapp me on +91-7840001013, Any time.

Other Details That we get from old Developer

The game using cocos 2d creator 2.0 to do the game interface.
backend using c++
windows server 2008 with MySQL