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4 Excel macros needed

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I need 4 macros. Macro 1 and 2 (in one sheet) and macro 3 in 3 other sheets of the same file, macro 4 in a different file.

In file 1, sheet 1, rows 1 and 2 are the headers, data start from row 3. Therefore rows 1 and 2 should be excluded from macros 1 and 2 below.

1. Macro 1.
Whenever data change in any of the following columns: G, H, I, R, S, AD, AE, AF, AG, AR, AW, AE, the current date (dd/mm/yyyy) must be input into column AJ, of the same row.

2. Macro 2.
Column AH has a formula (this column is not manually edited): =IF(ISBLANK(AF5),"",IF(ISBLANK(AG5),"Satus1",IF(AG5="Status2","Status3",(IF(AF5<=AG5,"Status4","Status5"))))) Whenever the value of this column changes (from blank to any other or from one status to the other), the current date (dd/mm/yyyy) to be input in column AM of the same row AND value of the column AQ to be cleared in the same row. The only exception is a change of Status4, which is a special one. Should a change from Satus4 to any other occur, the relevant cell in column AQ should NOT be cleared and a message “WARNING! Status4 in row (row_number_here) has been changed to (new_status_here)” displayed instead.

3. Macro 3 (in three other sheets of the file).
I regularly need to copy 3 tables from the Internet (each table in a separate sheet). Tables have a header and 12 columns. I paste the table starting from column C in the sheet. Columns: 6, 8 and 9 of the table contain dates in format: After pasting a table the dates are in columns H, J, and K of the sheet. I need the dates to be automatically converted to the format dd/mm/yyyy.
4.  Macro 4 (in a separate Excel file). There is a sheet named Matrix which contains a form with many lookup formulas. I want this sheet to be always the first from the left. Now, there are other sheets, to the right from the Matrix with their names 3, 2, 1.
I need a macro, which will do the following: create a copy of Matrix sheet, right after Matrix (in this case between Matrix and sheet 3) and change its name to a consecutive number (in this case “4”). I also want to be able to use the sheet’s name as a number, in a text: “This is document nr (number/name_of_the_sheet here)” somewhere in the new sheet. The order of the sheets after this operation would be: Matrix, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Another execution of the macro would create a copy of Matrix and name it 5, hence the order would be: Matrix, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Please apply with your estimates and/or ideas, questions and a timeframe for the job.