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4-6 month Software Development API Project: PHP, JS, MySQL 3yrs+ Experience

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This is NOT a website/web design project.

NO AGENCIES! We do not outsource software development. This must be a direct hire. I will not discuss with a marketing/business development person.

Please read the full ad and answer all questions to be considered.

Key Criteria

  • Computer Science Degree (or similar) 
  • Minimum 3yrs PHP (any framework)
  • Minimum 2yrs Javascript
  • Minimum 2yrs MySQL
  • Some experience with PDOs (enough to read queries)
  • Prefer some Node.js experience
  • Prefer some Angular experience (for another project)
  • Some experience developing APIs
  • Some experience integrating 3rd party APIs
  • Excellent Attention to Detail
  • "Can do attitude".  Saying I can't/won't will mean your contract will end very quickly. If we ask you to take a snippet of code and load a front-end page, it will be your job to check paths are correct so that it loads.  If we ask you to do something outside your comfort zone, we might allow paid time to read/learn. But saying "can't/won't/not my job" on a regular basis will not fit with our team
  • If you estimate 2hrs for a task don't deliver in 10 or 20 working hours. It becomes impossible to plan projects that way. There may be times when we encounter issues. That happens to all of us. But more or less we should know roughly how long tasks take and any issues must be reported promptly. Disappearing will not solve problems

About Us
We are a tech start-up. You will be working directly with the UK-based CEO.  This is the start of a large project.
We have a few portals with a lot of functionality: Core PHP + MVC/MVVM + JS (mix of Jquery and Knockout.js) + MySQL.
(As long as you know core JS and JQuery you should be ok. I don't need you to write knockout.js  - just read it).

API Project
We already created a 1 page sample API with front-end on 1 domain and back-end and DB on a different domain. Functionality includes insert, delete and edit.

Trial Project
Before hiring you long-term we need to do a trial.

Step1: I'll pay a couple of hours for you to read through code, including the underlying module and our sample API (in PHP)
Step2: I'll give you one complete, working module from our portal. You will need to load it outside the portal (as I will not give all our code to someone day1). Take the sample API and basically do a copy/paste job (find-replace variable names to match relevant tables).  Goal: we replicate a) Insert b) Delete c)  Edit on this module, and you must time how long it takes to code Insert, Delete, Edit.  The reason: a) I need to know you can work on this efficiently and b) to help me write our project plan and map out a large amount of work
Step3: Critique the API code. Make suggestions for improvement (if any). The current API template was done in PHP. We may do another test later (outside this trial project) eg node.js and compare. We haven't yet decided whether we'll do the full project API in PHP or node.js.  

I'll share screen to give an overview of our portal and code structure.   

Other Work (outside this trial)
We also need extensions and some bugs fixing in the main portals so this could turn into a significant amount of long-term work.  Before giving people large projects I like to start off with something small, to see if we get along and judge quality of work.

To apply:
Please enclose your CV and state how many years experience you have with:
1) PHP
2) MVC
3) Javascript
4) Developing restful APIs
5) Integrating 3rd party APIs
6) Node.js

Please also answer these questions:
7) Do you have a degree or masters in Computer Science (or something closely related)? 
8) How do you rate your attention to detail? (Very good, average, not my strength)
9)  Do you have a "can do" attitude? (Yes/No/Depends)