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3D Snake & Ladder Android Game with Multiplayer Online

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* The game is a 3D snake and ladder game
* User can select maximum steps option in settings of the game.
Available steps options are: 50, 75, 100(default), 200, 300
* In settings, these options should also be available: (No Snakes/More Snakes), Random Snakes, Player avatar(many color options, nick name)
* Game should have multiple themes with following types of environment: Green, Desert, Snowy, Underwater, Rainy day, Molten magma, Ghost world (Night)
* Game should also have one mega level separately build having 350 steps (50 steps from each themes)
* Themes: Green, Desert and Snowy are free
* The remaining themes (including mega level) are available through in-App purchase only
* The game should not have any ads
* There should be a feature of single player with Bot, multiplayer(2 Players, 3P, and 4P) game playing through internet as well as offline
* There should be an option for sharing the game on social networking sites like facebook, instagram, more...
* The Developer should provide a good documentation for easy code management in future by other programmers
* The documentation must contain these two things:
     i) How to setup google play in-app purchase
    ii) How to setup private cloud connection (Using any Hosting or VPS) for online multiplayer support.
* Use your own creativity to replace some of the snakes and ladders with something else as shown in this similar game whose link I have provided.
* for reference, goto: Snake and ladders- free board games on Google play: