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3D Model Morph Target Creation

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I have two fully developed 3D Models (Male and Female) with body (Body, Teeth, Eyes, Tongue, Hair and Cloth) - FBX File (Maya expertise will be appreciated although not mandatory)

They are totally rigged and have multiple mesh based Morph Targets for emotional expressions.


1. Add 2 skeletal animations. Character standing Ideal and Talking (Body movement till neck only) . I can provide reference skeletal animation for the same 3D Models to be embedded in the main 3D Model file to make things easier.

2. I want the head (after the neck rig/bone) to have morph targets for all the visemes. I can provide you reference images. Mostly the morph targets apply on mouth, lips, tongue and teeth.

Visemes: (None), AE, Ah, B_M_P, Ch_J, EE, Er, F_V, lh, K_G_H_NG, Oh, R, S_Z, T_L_D_N, Th, W_OO

Note: These 3D models are to be imported into a game engine where I can have the engine use Skeletal animation for body movement while it uses any morph targets (dynamically chosen one) for facial expressions without interference with skeletal animation.

Long story short, while the skeletal animation is playing I should be able to use any morph target on the head (facial expressions).

Hint To Work: The Body till neck should be part of rigging, while the head with morph targets should attach to the body as a child object. Create morph targets on the head that is attached to the body and create skeletal animation on the bones that attach to the body.

Only Artists who understand the problem statement may add proposal. Thanks.