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3D Design for Women Fitness Centre

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I want to build a Women
Fitness Centre based on sport exercises without any equipment, by using fitness
exercises to gain sport efficiency for body without any equipment just
exercises and simple equipment such a dumbbells etc. S
o, I need a 3D Design for the Centre by the following next specifications. To be sure in next
plan studies.


1-     Expected space about

2-     Rectangular

3-     One floor
contains reception counter, Centre authority office, trainers office (4
persons), Locker room, Six rooms for changing clothes, Three bathrooms, and Two
toilets. A hall has Two gyms for Aerobics and Fitness with waiting area and

4-     The gym is
without equipment, just hall for Aerobics and fitness and dancing fitness.

5-     There should be
a stage for the trainer in every gym.

6-     A gym can absorb
up to 40 persons, with estimated size 60m.

7-     A mirror should
be in front of trainees and the rest of wall should have photos on it for
fitness girls.

8-     Speakers In the
corners of the gym.

9-     The mat should
have a logo.

10-    A black roof
with duct air cooling.

11-    The outer gate
should have a partition and the general appearance suggests It's a women
fitness centre.

12-    The training
area should be open widely but with tools for its section.

13-    One of the gyms
should have 17 partition.

14-    The center has
45-minute exercises with 17 of different exercises using light equipment such
rope, dumbbells, wrist weights.


How much does it cost and how many design included?