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3D Artists Impression Design Needed - NYC Project

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This is our first design project so we want to make the right impression - we don't have floor plans so this will be from scratch. 

We are trying to achieve a projected Artists Impression of a new development that we are planning, so we can present the concept to investors. 


The building which we plan to - redevelop  is a factory called "Mr Spiceman Inc" which we own. The Building Area is 2,471 square foot and from an plan view it looks like a "Pizza Shape".

The building address is 920 38th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA. I've attached a few images of the building for you to get an idea of the surrounding area which is Industrial. 


The current building is 2.500 square foot (37.17' x 112.17'). Building Frontage 37.17'. Back of the Building 118.43 feet.

There will be a ground floor and then 4 floors above, with a rooftop. The Ground Floor will be a Commercial space - a restaurant called "Bar 9-20" at the front of the building, and split at the back will be a dry cleaners. We'd like this to be visualized in the concept. 

The 4 floors will have 3 offices on each level - 12 offices in total . We would like to also show a Rooftop Bar Terrace on the top of the building with a staircase leading from the top floor -  including some plants/green space with people standing. 

The area in which the building is situated  is going through a re-gentrification change so if you could make the surroundings feel contemporary.


What we Require: 

We need 1 Artists Impression of the New Building with the Specification stated in the form of a 3D Design.


*Please note that we don't have any floor plans so everything needs to be drafted to scale with dimensions.