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2D Modelling with Rhino

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the following use rhino 5 NOT rhino 6:

Task: to make 9 sections of the given model and to then flatten those sections using the ‘make2D’ command.


Keep the viewcapture in a high resolution
Duplicate original file to make each section on a new file
Use rhino 5

To make the sections: method 1

Make a rectangle bigger than the model,and then make it a planarsrf
Use this plane to make sections by moving it to the part of the model where the section cut will be made

To make the 9 sections, use a whole model each time, once a section has been made, don’t make another section from the divided model. Duplicate file before making section cute to make a new one on each file.
Once the planarsrf is at the right position, use ‘split’ command 1- select the model press enter 2- select surface press enter. The model should now be split at that planarsrf
Select one end of the cut model, ensuring it is cut at the line of the planar srf and move it away from the rest of the model
Go into appropriate viewport so that the cut lines can be seen (not perspective). Then select this section and command ‘make2d’
The make2d command should result in a flattened line drawing of the section, near 0,0,0
Save file and label which section has been done

Method 2:

Use a ‘clipping plane’ -