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2,000 Word LIST Blog post, 19 Posting Art Strategies to Get Your Art Recognized

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Dear Author,
We are excited to see your work! We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible. Feel free to contact as needed. We mainly ask for LIST blog posts, we hope this makes creating blogs easier for both of us. 

As a side note, please do not pick up this order unless you can begin work on it immediately. If you have any questions, please message us before you begin work on this order. 

Thank you!  Please see the additional Information below. 


This specific article is about 19 Posting Art Strategies to Get Your Art Recognized for OchreSquare Arts LLC. This company is new and will launch soon. This is why we are looking for talented writers.
Our main target audience are 18-25 year old, preferably Female, art college students who live on campus or at home in large cities. Earnings of $0-10,000. More details on the audience below. 
Please write about 
21 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners, for artists and mention these keywords specifically:  How to make money as a artists, (3-5 times), art hashtags (2-5 times), freshman (1-2 times) ,sophomore (1-2) times, junior (1-2 times), senior (1-2),  art college (3-6), digital art (1-6) , Posting Art (5-10 times) , freelance artist jobs (3-5 times),, freelance art jobs (2-3 times) and oil painting supplies (2-3 times) 

 Please include each keyword as much as possible. Write '
Posting Art' preferably 10 times or more because it is the main keyword of this article
The purpose of this blog is to inform the readers about 
19 Posting Art Strategies to Get Your Art Recognized ( the best and worst about each site) AND sell products which will they will need to use to follow the tips. Have a selling angle at the end of paragraphs. This will be edited by our team.

Age: 18-25 year olds. Language: Native English-Speaking Male or Female.  Occupation: Student- Art colleges, Majors including Painting, Illustration, Graphic Designers, and Animators  Level of education: Some college to Graduated with 4-year degree.Location: English-Speaking countries, America and Canada. Major Cities. 

VOICE: 1st person plural [we, our, us] and 2nd person [you, your].   ( Ex: our findings, our research, things we have observed...)

STYLE/TONE: personable/informal, lifestyle, and conversational.
FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS:  ( Headers, Subheadings, And Hyperlinks) 

19 Posting Art Strategies to Get Your Art Recognized

Intro paragraph(s): Include target keyword 'posting art'  at least twice. Include the keyword:  (
How to make money as a artists ) (Ex: Have you thought to yourself- How to make money as a artists) State that this list can apply to multiple art majors. Note that the list gears more towards digital artists ( graphic designers, Illustrators etc) State that more popular sites are at the end of the list.

H2: Here are 
19 Posting Art Strategies to Get Your Art Recognized 

Underneath this title, add a paragraph or two using  the 'posting art' keyword , explaining some other details in relation to the H2 above. Then move to the next simple paragraph. Have '
freelance artist jobs' in the body of this paragraph as well and as many as the other keywords as contextually possible. 

HAVE A FOREWARNING paragraph: state that artists should use a free watermark app or photoshop watermarks on their work as much as possible, and sign their work, since companies can steal and profit off of their designs if they don't. Mention that it is easier for their following to defend them if this happens as well. 

mention that it is best to try to lead your auidence through muitlpe sites (ex: instagram to your rebubble, etc)

H3: Start with 1. and list off from there.  (Find Below is the list for 
19 Posting Art Strategies to Get Your Art Recognized )

List: ( Use related keywords for each website listed) - Words of the () in this list are not more keywords. 

Format the list as such: 

(Ex: )h3: 1. This way       
   ( 1 paragraph)

h3: 2. Another way       
etc          (1 paragraph) 

THE LIST:  ( along with some things to note) 
1. Instagram- mention the benefit and that artists should also get their following to go on their online exhibits and they can make their own exhibits in free spaces near them  
2.Pinterest- mention that its Best to pair your pintrest with instagram, with any social media you want to eventually circle to your own site or Instagram,  mention benefits/downfalls
3.Wetcanvas forums- other artists are buying from you
4.Behnace- more professional setting, make sure to link website 
5.Redbubble- can tur commision, add social media, say other perks
7. Teespring- mention that this has the same benefits as rebubble, etc 
8.Society 6 
9.Fine Art America
Steemit- can get paid in USD- connect to other social medias 
14.VSUAL- easy process etc
15. Saatchi
16.Facebook- use a business ad account to your advantage, get creative- can make videos of your art on businesss fan page, link other social medias, even youtube
17. Youtube- progress videos on your art, etc- advertising create demand, link personal site or ain't etc
19. LinkedIn

  Underneath each H3, discuss the answer and benefits for artists and 1 main disadvantage End each paragraph stating that all artists should seek to make their art-making process as cheap as possible. And, 

SENDING WORK: When the work is complete, submit it to us via Google Docs. When including images: 800 px JPEGs with alt text (if possible)

Additional Guidelines or Resources:
Hyperlinks will be added by our team later. 

SIMPLY PUT: be personable and state the best and worst of every listed item, while mentioning Posint Art and the rest of the keywords as much as possible. 

Example:( similar content)
Better example: ( similar content)

By accepting this order, you agree that I may name myself and/or others as the author of the text you write, including any modifications to or derivative works from such text.