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12 Personal Assistant to Start Dubai Business

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Who are we
Varal Consultancy DMCC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, provides services to clients who wish to set up a business in the UAE. E.g. Obtaining the appropriate business license, getting a UAE resident visa, bank accounts and more than 20 other allied services. Varal has been serving clients since March 2010.

How do we market
Prospects from all over the world visit our website, and choose to engage with us through various means of contact to obtain specific details and ultimately order our services and thus become our paying clients. 

The Job
We are looking to hire Personal Assistants [PAs] who will act as the continuous communication link between Varal and the prospect until he or she gives an order and even thereafter. 

The PAs will be assigned to work in groups of 3 and will end up communicating together with approximately 60 to 80 leads at any given point of time.

The PA will start a dialogue with the client, understand their needs and queries and communicate with Varal to get answers and pass them on to the client quickly. 

The contact can be by phone, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or email. PAs don’t need to know the answers themselves and can get them from Varal or its panel of experts. However, PAs should continue to engage with the client even after the order is taken for subsequent needs such as renewals or added services.

The job is to be in touch with the prospective client continuously like an assistant.

The Personal Assistant must be fluent in English and must be able to convey information to the client with clarity. He or she must also have excellent email-drafting skills and must be able to answer queries via phone, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or email, as preferred by the prospects. 

The PA should also be able to receive calls and have access to a Gmail account, strong WIFI, and a laptop. He or she should be able to prepare documentation that will be required to complete the job.

The payment will be US$ 100 per month per PA plus a commission of 9% of Varal’s fees, when a client orders through your group. The commission will be divided equally amongst the group of 3 PAs. No expenses will be reimbursed.

Typically your commision could range between US$ 15 to 75 per person per transaction where payment has been received.

The commission will be paid on the payment received for each order from the client.

We will provide you with all the training and information necessary to make you successful.

We are looking to start as soon as you are ready.

Extra Information

Educational Requirements- Secretarial diploma or Bachelor's Degree in English and/or  Arts. 

Experience-0-1 Years

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