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100 javascript code snippets to reinforce theory

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I have a list of approximately 100 javascript/react/typescript questions and answers. I need someone to create code snippets to extend the explanation in the answer. The code should be clean and well documented. The main goal of this is learning. Deliverables should be sent in markdown format. The code should be linted and using best practices. Some snippets can explain a process or present different solutions to implement the theory. Code snippets should be short. Not more than 15/20 lines of code.
I list two examples and if you decide to apply I expect you to choose one and send me an example.

What is IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expression), and how it can be useful?
An IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expression) is a method to immediately execute a function as soon as it is created. Moreover, they do not over-populate global objects and hence, is a simple solution to isolate variable declarations.  

What is the difference between Call, Apply and Bind?
Call() method invokes the function with this value and arguments provided whereas, apply() invoke a function and allows users to pass arguments as an array, however, bind() accepts arrays or any number of arguments to return a new function. Moreover, apply() accepts arrays as arguments, whereas call() accepts a comma-separated list as arguments.

What is a first class function?
First-class functions are functions that behave and function like variables in a programming language, i.e., they can be passed to other functions as arguments and can be returned by other functions to use the result as a value that needs to be assigned to a variable.