- Fee & Charges

Buyer Fees

  • does not charge a fee to the Buyers/Employers. only passes on payment processing fee (charged by third party payment processors) on deposit of funds as follows:

    Deposit payment method Currency Fee
    Bank Transfer INR No charge
    Credit/Debit Cards / Netbanking INR 2.0% to 2.8%
    Paypal USD Paypal Fee
    Credit Cards (International) USD 2.9% + $0.30

Seller Fees

  • charges Sellers/Freelancers a Service Fee of 8% to 10% on all billed works as per their membership plan. Check out our Membership Plans
  • When a Seller/Freelancer withdraws funds from his Wallet, passes on any fee incurred to process the payment (by third party payment processors) as a withdrawal fee, which is as follows:

    Withdrawal Currency Withdrawal Method Fee
    INR Bank Transfer in India No charge
    USD Paypal Paypal Fee
    USD Payoneer Bank Transfer Payoneer Fee ($3.00)
    USD Payoneer Account No charge
    USD Bank Transfer $25

  • To ensure quality proposals, Sellers/Freelancers have an allotment of 20 free proposals per month (Non-premium Account) and they can purchase extra proposals when the free proposals are exhausted. The charge for extra proposal credits is as follows:

    Proposal Credits USD INR
    5 4 200
    10 6 300
    25 12 600
    50 20 1000

  • A Seller/Freelancer can pay a "Feature Fee" if he decides to further increase his chances of winning work on The latest rates for these "Feature Fee" can be found here.

*When a user's monthly proposal limit is exhausted and he does not buys extra proposal credits then he will be charged INR 50 Fee per Proposal Credit whenever his service is purchased.

*When the User recieves funds in his Bank account, their Financial Institutions may impose a currency coversion charge if they are withdrawing money in their local currency, which should be borne by the User.

*Charges paid for add-ons like "FEATURED", "TOP CONTEST", "URGENT", "SEALED" etc are NON REFUNDABLE charges and they will not be refunded to the user under any circumstances.

* In case of withdrawls in USD there might be currency exchange fee depending on the current exchange rates.

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