11 Top Bloggers and Digital Experts to Follow in 2015


Across any platform, business, politics or academics, there are always some who emerge on top because of their choices, accomplishments and way of thinking. These people are called leaders or experts in their fields whom people tend to follow and look upon for some genuine advice.

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Digital Marketing and Online Media are no different. Over the years there have been trendsetters who have led the way and given the entire concept their own twists and turns. That is why they have become experts and authorities in the fields of digital marketing and are widely followed all across the world.

As 2015 starts, let us look at some experts, following whom will be worthwhile and beneficial.


Kim Garst


She is a public figure when it comes to personal branding and online campaign strategies which are also her professional expertise. She is the founder of Boom! Social, a personal branding and social media consulting firm. On a regular work basis she provides social media keynotes and in-depth training to entrepreneurs and corporations such as IBM.

She was ranked 24th by Forbes as one of the top fifty social-media influencers in 2012 and has climbed the ranks since then. Her Boom! Social blog is ranked second in the list of top social media blogs. That should be reason enough to follow this Digital Expert !



Joel Comm


He is an American author and internet marketer. In 2006, he published The AdSense Code: What Google Never told you about making money with AdSense, which was a New York Times and Business Week bestseller.

Apart from that, this guy does a lot of things. He has hosted and produced an online reality show and owns a software company called Infomedia. He has helped millions of people understand internet marketing and SEO/SEM through his public speeches, presentations and conferences focused on business, internet marketing and entrepreneurship. This makes him a must follow Digital Expert on our list.


John Jantsch


This guy is an author, speaker and marketing consultant who specialises in assisting small businesses. His work with Duct Tape Marketing has invited much applause from big firms like Forbes. He stresses on the use of the internet and social media as a cornerstone for success for small businesses and thus has quite a following when it comes to that which makes him one of the top Digital Experts on our list.


Michael Hyatt


The former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael, now blogs about Intentional Leadership and writes on leadership, publishing, productivity and social media. He is a full time writer and speaker giving people advice on how to be more productive and utilize the internet and social media to increase and promote your own brand.

He was rated as the top expert to follow in 2014 by Forbes when it came to social media and marketing. Thus, he will be one of the hot Digital Experts to follow this year as well.


Jay Baer


He is one of the world’s top marketing keynote speakers and has over 20 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. This certainly means that he has been there right from the start. He has consulted over 700 companies and currently runs the firm Convince and Convert, which provides social media and content marketing advice and counsel to leading companies such as Oracle.

Thus his presence as one of the top Digital Experts fails to go down and is ever rising.


Bryan Kramer


Bryan is a social business strategist and CEO of PureMatter, a marketing agency focused on digital and social media marketing. He has always been in the list of top online media influencers by Forbes, Huffington post and numerous other forums. He has a vast following on many channels and is a affirmative authority on social media marketing and digital promotions.

Thus he is one of the Digital Experts that you must follow in 2015.


Lee Odden


Whenever you are reading something on the TopRankBlog, you are reading this guy.  He is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a digital marketing agency which specialises in strategic internet marketing consulting services.

Many notable forums like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and many more have cited him as one of the notable experts when it comes to digital marketing and social media. His blog alone has over 50,000 subscribers and his take on online marketing is widely respected and followed making him another of the top Digital Experts to follow in 2015.


Martin Jones


With over 14 years of progressive experience in interactive strategy, Internet Marketing, social media and website promotion, there is little room for doubt that this guy is not an expert. He is currently the Senior Marketing Manager at Cox Communications.

He has over a million fans on facebook who engage with him on a daily basis seeking advice and guidance in his respective field making him one of the powerful Digital Experts to watch in 2015.



Pat Flynn


This guy has one inspirational story to tell. Laid off from an architectural firm in 2008 due to recession after which he started to blog and currently earns a average of $70 grand per month. That is a whopping figure which is one of the major contributors of establishing him as one of the top Digital Experts to follow in 2015.

He as a leader is glowing with potential as he is comparatively younger and has a lot to offer. So keep calm and follow this guy.


Brian Carter


This guy is an American author, speaker, comedian and a marketer. He is the CEO of Carter Group, a digital marketing and advertising agency. He has been featured on a lot of respectable forums as an expert marketer and a man to go to when you have PR problems. Some of the forums who have noted his work are Twitter, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Bloomberg New and a host of others. This makes him one of the top Digital Experts in our list here.

Neil Patel


He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He has helped a lot of companies to increase their revenue through effective internet marketing like Amazon, NBC and HP etc. Forums like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The Entrepreneur have regarded him as one of the top influencers on the web in the arena of social media and have also accolade his start-up as one the best.

His blogs are very interesting and always take a unique point of view on digital media and online marketing which may be the reason of his vast following and making him one  of the best Digital Experts to follow in 2015.



A passionate Blogger and Digital Marketer

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