Are you a Freelancer & your Own Boss? Share your Story & Win $$$ #BoostingGigEconomy

boosting gig economy truelancer payoneer

Hola Freelancers! We hope you all are doing well with your tasks. Truelancer & Payoneer together bring you an Opportunity to share your Story with the world. Are you a Freelancer & your Own Boss?  If Yes, share your Story and participate in our Contest. #BoostingGigEconomy What is this Contest about? This is an opportunity […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Indian Freelancer

hire indian freelancers

Who are Freelancers? The individuals working independently and offering his/her services without any full-time employment are freelancers. A freelancer and a client gets into an agreement for a particular job/task and complete the same within a specified timeframe. These are typically small projects ranging from few hours to few weeks of work. Freelancing in India […]

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Business Centers or Co-working Spaces? Highlighting key differences

By now, most of us would be well-acquainted with the concept of Temporary Workspaces. From Central Business Districts, to Start-up hotspots, to IT corridors, and to residential neighbourhoods, these Workspaces are mushrooming everywhere. In your search for the ideal Workspace, it is important to know that there are two main categories that tend to dominate […]

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Why You Should Start Outsourcing Your Content Creation

outsourcing content creation

In the digital platform, there is nothing more powerful than good and effective content. Content creation is an art which helps the digital platform to boom with greater success. Every industry which has got a presence on the digital platform has good content creators for reaching the target audience in the market. Right now, the […]

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How to save your STARTUP from failure : 50 STARTUP FOUNDERS TALK

Every entrepreneur has to face a ton of problems in order to pivot in the right direction. Hear from the experts what they have to say about their journey to reach where they are today. “Grey Head Media was established as a B2B Media company in 2011. When we launched ourselves, we didn’t have any […]

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