Your Internet Trail

Posted: 2 years ago

Wherever and
whenever you go online, you leave a certain trail behind. This trail consists
of all the stuff ranging from comments that you drop on social media to the
email records, Skype calls and the apps on your smartphones. All this internet
history and the traces that you leave on the internet constitutes your digital
footprint which can be potentially used to track your each and every movement
online. Every time we share any information on social media like uploading
pictures on Facebook or Instagram, we lose some degree of privacy, thus
expanding our digital trail. Even if you are logged into Facebook, Google or
Twitter right now, your visits to any webpage are being tracked down and this
is possible even if you don’t click on those Like, Retweet or +1 buttons. Every
site you visit gives them more data to store and commercialize. So keep an eye
on those privacy settings and do review them once in a while. There are
advertising companies that track your browsing habits with small chunks of data
created by web servers called cookies, keeping track of your online patterns
and preferences. This helps them render ads to your machine that particularly
suit your interests.

Even if you
have nothing to hide, not everything about you is appropriate to every audience
at all times. Your digital footprints can be taken out of context and
misinterpreted. So, one must be careful of what they share online.