World Trend Train to Busan

Posted: 3 years ago

A month ago, I was very jumbles about a Korean horror movie
that was tag in my facebook account. I is entitled Train to Busan. At first I
didn’t mind it because I’m not really amuse of any Korean movie. But this
trending movie initiate me to watch it. The story begins about a father
Seok-woo who opt to take his young girl named Su-an to her mother as her
birthday gift. He decided to have a travel visit to Seoul where his ex-wife
settled since they are already divorced. They board the KTX along with the
working-class husband Sang-hwa and his pregnant wife, High School baseball team
of Seong-kyeong, the rich but self-centred Yon-suk, the two old sisters, the
homeless man and other passengers of the train.

At the end of the movie only the pregnant woman and Su-an
survived. Actor Seok-Woo didn’t make it because he sacrifice his life for the
estranged woman and most especially his daughter. He was bitten by Yon-Suk who didn’t
realized he was already infected. A father insistence to save his daughter,
while the virus slowly scuttles on his body he first give instruction to the
pregnant woman on how to operate the train until they reach Seoul. The best
scene for me is that after father bids farewell to his daughter who is deplorable
by that time. Seok-Woo went out to the train and reminiscing his memory with
his daughter Su-an when she was a baby. He felt miserable but also happy
because he knew that his daughter is safe away from him.

This movie is one of the best film this year. Not just a perplexing
scene but a story that shows how a father will sacrifice oneself just to save
his daughter. Hoping to see a part two of this movie.