Work from home during the pandemic and the tech tools that support

Posted: 6 months ago

In the 21st century “Work
from home” has become more common than one may think. With the advancement in software technology, the scope for computer-based jobs has increased
exponentially. This in-turn lead to outsourcing where the clients delegates
their project to  a set of freelancers or
firms located way apart across the globe

Following the outbreak of
corona, it now became an obligation for the employees to work from home to keep
the business going. However, it is proving to be more difficult than
anticipated due to unclear boundaries of work hours, lack of person to person communication
and coordination. Organizing one's work and schedule now plays a very important
role in realizing the goal.


Let’s look at some useful
tools that will help us adapt to this new work culture in the corporate world.
Before we jump into technical stuff, let’s categorize our requirements in terms
of basic responsibilities in any corporate-


1) Managing your project

2) E-Communication

3) Monitoring your

4) Remote Access Software

5) Share-points

6) Apps for individuals


Now, let us go through
each of these activities and the related tools that come in handy.........