Why we should read books ?

Posted: 1 year ago

                    We generally hear that we should read books but we don't
question to yourself that why we should read books ? Most of the successful
people in the world are good readers like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Narendra
Modi, Elon Musk etc. You can see anywhere Good leader is always a good leader.
So, question it;  Why leaders read more
books ?  Because, they knows important of
reading books. What is meaning with Importance of reading of books?  They knows that life is so small for
experiential learning that means Learning for our experience. Ex. We want to
make a New recipe, then we try and make recipe with own experience and result
may be good or bad. But, if we open the good recipe book and complete their
given steps, your recipe will make good definitely.

                     This means that when we want to
do some new work, we require some specific information for doing these task. In
life, To get success in any field also, we require specific method or process.
By applying specific methods you will successful in these field. Science is
also specific method to do specific task. In science, Scientist discovers
specific method for specific task. We can also discover our own method by
practicing these task. But, We have no time for finding methods for every task.
Books provide us basic information to perform task. By Applying these basic
information, We can use our precious time with best way.

By reading and understanding of books, we can gain author's many year
experience in some time. Now, we can apply their methods in our life to
successful in specific field.
life, Our success is largely dependent on our environment, our relatives,
friends etc. So, For success in particular field, We need to connect with
already successful in this field. But, Our problem is that we can not directly
connect with successful people. So, By reading and understanding their books we
can connect with them and to get success in life. Wish you all the best.