Where to get my books published?

Posted: 3 years ago

Where to get
my books published?


The best
website to publish your e-book is Casteilla.in, because along with
e-publishing, you can also get free social media marketing and affordable
translation for your e-books. Through Casteilla® You could publish your e-book
in numerous e-publishing websites in a go. They have partnered with several
international and national e-publishers, along with their own e-book store(work
in progress). Following are the things that you have to do:


1. Get your
manuscript ready in word or PDF format

2.  Make sure you have the right to publish the
book and there is no one else who would claim rights for the same

3. Contents
of your book should not be present anywhere else in the internet and your books
should pass plagiarism check

4. Send
your manuscript to [email protected].  Your
manuscript will be checked for the above criteria and then be published in
several international and Indian websites along with their own e-book store.
Your book will be published with “Print on Demand” in websites that allow this

5. Once the
checking process is done, you will receive a mail asking for some basic details
and banking details for crediting your royalties for every book sold. Fill
those details and reply back.

6. Once a
copy of your book gets sold, it would be updated and 70% of the royalty amount
received from other websites and 90% of the amount at which your book is sold
in Casteilla book store would be credited to you every month.


1. All your
e-books will be promoted in social media for free. If you require more
advertisement through blogs or newspaper advertisements, mention “E-book
promotion details” in the subject line and send an email to with your message
to [email protected] . You would get assistance on
the payment details for such promotions. Make the necessary payment and publish
your advertisements.


Casteilla® provides one of the most affordable translation services for
e-books. If you need to get your e-books translated, send a small sample of 100
words to [email protected]   and
mention       “E-book translation
details” in the subject line. Once the translators send their sample
translation, you could check the quality of their translation. Once if you are
satisfied with the sample, you have to pay half the charges required for
translating the book to Casteilla Private Limited (Through electronic bank
transfer for Indian languages, and paypal for foreign language translations).
You could pay the remaining amount after translation of the book is completed
and you have checked the file for possible errors. Once you get the completed
translation you could pay the remaining amount.