What we should promise as a freelance web developer

Posted: 8 months ago

Hey all, Thanks for reading my article. I am a freelance web developer. So today I am going to discuss about our promises what we do with our client as a freelance web developer.

1. Time: Number one point is Time.  We should promise with our client that we will provide our service within the time. Because we know that time is money. Money is time. Without respect the value of time, we can not establish our self as a freelancer.

2. Creativity: As a web developer we have to build website with our own sign to make website more user friendly. If we can do it , Our client will hire again for new project. Not always we need to work as client think. Client may be not sure or not experience in security issue if we do as same as client say. So we have to inform our client that , there are a security issue if we do as you say. So you can send some unique and creative idea for the project.

3. User friendly: Always think in easy process or system for the website. Because user of our website may not knowledge in programming. So we have to build website for user friendly. 

4. Mobile responsive: Its a hidden requirement in every project for a good web developer. Its no matter client mansion or not in the project. But we have to build website mobile responsive.  

5. SEO friendly: Website should have some option in admin panel to setup keyword, dynamic Title and page description and URL link as a SEO roles. So easily a SEO worker can complete on page SEO and make website more valuable. 

There are many more requirement should follow to build a website. Those 5 point should include in every project as a Good freelance website developer.