What is programming logic?

Posted: 10 months ago

What is Programming logic?
Logic is a way to organize your thoughts while following a
specific logic, which can be applied by a computer

Programming logic is a tool used to ease the process
of creation of a computer program by a person. This is important because a
machine can not understand the human language, as there are several languages,
writing styles and even vocabulary. With this in mind, a computer can only
understand its own language.

However, a computer’s language is extremely extensive
and difficult, as it is based on codes that are read by the processor. This
“tongue” also needs to contain defined and clear instructions, which follow a
specific order.

Considering this, another ways to “communicate” and
command what must be done by a computer program were created. For this, we use
programming logic that will create a proper order to write and interpret a
code, which will be developed with algorithms
and programming languages.

What are algorithms?

Algorithms² are tools
used in programming logic, which try to create a logic sequence of steps to reach a specific goal.

They are like a “cake recipe”, in which we define the
steps that will be followed to reach the objective.

This way, algorithms are representations of what must
be done to solve the problem the program is working on. Moreover, they do not necessarily
need to be written in a code, and they can be created in
the human language. You can see a graphic example of an algorithm bellow.

Furthermore, algorithms can only be understood by a
machine if they are written in their language. For this, it is necessary to use
a “translator” between the human and computer tongues. This translation is done
by the programming language.

What is a programming language?

A programming language³ is the
language used to write the computer program. This means that both the
programmer and the computer will be able to understand it. The language is a
“translator” for the machine.
In order to write a code, it is necessary to apply the
programming logic. We create a clear
and defined order of events, which will be used to implement the code.

There are several programming
languages, such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, and
These programming languages can be learned by anyone
who is interested. It can be in live or online courses and tutorials. Every one
of them has its own characteristics, and some work better for specifics
situations. However, the language used is mostly a choice made by the

With this in mind, programming logic is a necessary
tool to reach the goal of creating a program. Without it, it is impossible to
create a line of thought to be followed by the computer.

You can learn programming logic on tutorials, online
and live courses or posts on many websites. This theme is also part of many
computation colleges’ curriculum.

If you choose to begin a course, they can be found in
many prices, in knowledge trails about programming and even for free. A good
Google search will show you many models and school platforms that can be
helpful with this choice.


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