Walk your Talk – Step by Step

Posted: 2 months ago

Have you ever taken New Year resolution but end up forgetting it in just two-three days or in some cases, next day itself? Do you believe in being productive but end up working on the night before deadline?? 
Well, to be honest, it happens with everybody, including me. But the main question we should ask ourselves is – “How can we close or narrow the gulf between what we value and how we behave?”. To close this gulf, first you need to understand what is the meaning of “Walk your Talk” and as words explains itself, it means transforming your words into action. Your day-to-day behavior and actions, matches with what you believe in.   
Writing has helped me a lot to close that gap by forcing me to act on my words. I am far from perfect and like everyone, I too fail to live up to the things which are important for me. But writing has made it easier to stay consistent with those values instead of falling into excuses.
All of us want change in our lives. We want to be better, longing to thrive and live lives full of action. At least we claim we do. But too often our ideas die at the back of our tongue. They just disappear in the wind. Because we find it hard to transform our thoughts into action. It is hard for us to make changes in our lives, even if it is a positive change. 
The reason it is so hard to change is because the system is rooted in us. We have believed in same stories and ideas for way too long. Now they have become who we are. It’s like driving the same route to work every day. The same route, same pattern, same turns, day in and day out.
Making a change is like turning against this huge tide of momentum. And it is hard. We don’t like hard things. That is also one of the reasons why our brain develops systems. We long to be more but we also long to be the same. We want change as long as it doesn’t cost us anything. And that results in a lot of lip – service. A lot of dead ends to meet. “If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.”― Thomas Jefferson 
If we are serious about the change, then we need to do these three things to transform our words into action:
1.Own up to your choices : We need to take ownership of our own choices. Blaming others for
our situation is not going to make any difference. But there are three things
which we can control and change by adjusting one of them – “ Our Choices, Our Attitude
and Whom we trust “. We don’t change by waiting for others to change. You can only feel that the gap is closing when you not only take
different decisions but also act on it. And no matter what will be the
consequence, you own up to it.


2. Never rely on shortcuts :
One of the reasons our plans don’t turn into
action is because we want some magic which can transform us in an instant. We
give up on every plan and every idea because it requires work. The work comes
before change. There are no shortcuts in life. CHANGE IS HARD WORK. I don’t think people magically change. It takes hard work and
constant dedication. People don’t take chance unless they have no choice, and
even then sometimes they fail. 
3. Understand, WHY you want to change :
It is very important to understand why we
actually want to change. If we just want to escape from the situation, we won’t
change. The motivation factor is not just high enough because situations are always
temporary. So, we need to find a real reason deep down that truly speaks – “
Who you are? “ and “ Why you need to change ?”. We need a proper vision.
As one of my friend always says – “ Just do it “. The biggest
obstacle in changing is our mindset and perspective. Once we get the grasp on
those, the actions themselves are relatively easy. We do not stay the same
because we cannot take the physical steps to change, it’s the mental ones that keeps
us shackled.

We have to decide what is worth our tenacity. What is worthy of
our suffering. The vision you commit to, will require you to go to the distance.
Quitting is not a shortcut, it is a long way around. So, quit if you must. But
just remember, the journey continues and it follows the path it follows.