Top 10 Real Estate Investment Books You Should Buy In 2018

Posted: 2 years ago

Real estate has many benefits but not everyone knows about them. The passive flow of money, the leverages are what makes it interesting. So, naturally many people want to know everything about real estate. And that is why, there are even books written on it. If you have the mind of an entrepreneur and need a source of some passive income, then real estate will be a fantastic source of income for you!

Top books to know more about real estate investment:

Considering you are a real estate enthusiast, we have gathered a list of the best books you can get help from. Not all of them are the latest or newest. This is because great advice can come from anywhere at anytime. And there are many writers that have written investment related books that can be used for decades to come.

1.Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is one of the most popular books on real estate investing. Written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, this book has gained much popularity over the years. Even though it was originally released in 1997, it is still used to this day.

The topics in this book are:

>Financial theories


>Strategic spending

>Importance of Education

What makes this book unique is the writer wrote about his two fathers. One is financially struggling. While the other is his best friend’s dad, and is very rich. He gains inspiration from his best friend’s dad. But at the same time learn came up with strategies seeing his father struggle for money.

Robert Kiyosaki is an American author and founder of the Rich Dad Company. Sharon Lechter is an American accountant, businesswoman and co-author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad". You can find this book on

2.What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow

Written by Frank Gallinelli, he wrote this book business and economics. The main things included in this book are :

>Discounted cash flow

>Net present value

>Capitalization rate

>Cash-on-cash return

This book shows the difference between making profit and losing equality. It shows some basic formulas of real estate investment. This book also has been really liked by readers as it got a 4/5 rating.
Frank Gallinelli is founder and president of RealData‚Inc.

3.Crushing It In Apartments And Commercial Real Estate

This book has made it into many lists of books on real estate investing. It was written by Brian Murray and got a 4/5 rating. It breaks the misconception that commercial real estate can not be attempted by beginners. The topics in this book are:

>Finding finance commercial property

>How to grow a portfolio without any outside help

>Identify simpler ways to increase profits

Murray states that he was not a commercial pro when he bought his property. Here, he also shares real stories about his struggles to make his company bigger.

Brian Murray is the CEO and founder of Washington Street Properties. He also got a Gold Stevie Award as “Executive of the Year” in the real estate industry.

4.A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Written by Burton G. Martkiel, this book is said to be the best book for newbies. It also has a very different approach to investment unlike other books on real estate investing. The topics covered in this book are :

>how investment is not always about hard work

>spending time and money will not guarantee success

>Talking the talk

>Understanding what others say

This book has a new way of explaining real estate investment strategies. That is why, it is said to be the best choice for beginners.
Burton Malkiel is an American economist and writer. He is a leading proponent of the efficient-market hypothesis.

5.The Millionaire Next Door

This book was written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko on American wealth. The book has topics like:

>American wealth

>spending money

>modesty of American

>wise spending of earning

It basically represents how strategically one should spend their money. It emphasizes on how Americans, even though are rich, do not show off their wealth. Instead, they spend their money thinking of the futures and make long term plans.

Thomas J. Stanley received a doctorate in business administration from the University of Georgia. He taught marketing at the University of Tennessee, University of Georgia and Georgia State University.

6.Think And Grow Rich

This book is actually very old but holds a message everyone abides by to this day. It basically talks about our mind set and how it can make all the difference. The things covered in this book are:


>Strategic sending

>Positive mind-set

>About rich men of that era

It gives you an idea of how you can keep a rich attitude just by changing your attitude towards life. A quote from this book is, “Our mind is incredibly powerful and thoughts turn into reality.”

Oliver Napoleon Hill was an American self-help author. The above mentioned book is among the 10 best selling self-help books of all time. You can find this book on

7. The Complete Guide to Real Estate

Finance for Investment Properties
Witten by Steve Berges, this book is a detailed content with real estate terminology. Out of all the books on real estate investing, this has the most realistic views and advice. The topics included are:

> Proven valuation techniques

>Financial tips for any kind of property

>Analyse Any Single-Family, Multifamily, or Commercial Property

>Present and Future value analysis

If you are looking for a guideline on real estate finance, this is the perfect book for you.

Steve Berges is also the author of The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings and The Complete Guide to Flipping Properties. You can find this at amazon.

8.The Sale Of A Lifetime

This book is written by Harry Dent, Jr. This book is very detailed and practical. The topics included in this book are :

>Warning about new crisis

>Problems and how to solve them

>Everything about the financial cycle

>How a collapse in the system in imminent

This book is very practical and illuminating.
Dent is the writer of the best-selling The Demographic Cliff, The Great Depression Ahead, and many other books. He is also the founder of Dent Research.

9.The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need

Written by Andrew Tobias, this has been one of the best books on real estate investing for 2 decades. Powerful yet direct, the topic of this book includes:

>How to spend smarter

>About investing on the Internet

>Tax strategies

>Whether you should trust anyone with your money

This book has been revised and re-written in a more organised and reader friendly way. It is indeed a perfect guide to tax payment and strategies, even today.

Andrew Tobias has written about investment, as well as politics, insurance. From 1999 until 2017 he was treasurer of the Democratic National Committee.

10. Building Wealth One House At A Time

Most people love the fact that this book does not mathematically complicate the content. The topics included are :

>How to accumulate multiple homes without debt

> Making housing investments in high-calibre neighbourhoods

>Long-term tenants

>Providing them with financial incentives

John W. Schaub’s 2005 best-selling book, “Building Wealth One House at a Time”, assisted more than 100,000 real estate enthusiasts on their way to successful investing. You can find this book on Amazon.